Our 8 Core Values

  1. A Place of Grace - We are thankful recipients of God's marvelous grace, so we show grace to people at all times in all situations.
  2. Commitment to Passionate Work - With passion we work diligently in everything we do, and challenge those we serve to give their best and most honest work to God's Kingdom.
  3. Outward Focus - The arrows of our hearts must be pointed outward. We actively share in christ's mission to reach those outside of the faith.
  4. Spiritual Formation - We believe that the full devotion to Christ and His cause is essential for every believer. The discipleship journey is a process in every Christian's life that never ends.
  5. A Culture of Generosity - We go above and beyond to give sacrificially through time, talent, and finances so as to present a balanced outreach of Christ's love locally and globally.
  6. Singular Focus - GLFirst had always been built on the vision God gives it's lead Pastor. We will encourage the unity of our leadership's vision for local and global outreach.
  7. A Servant Heart - We commit to continuously serve and improve on our ability to serve one another in love, helping others succeed by connecting people to God and one another.
  8. Authentic Christianity - We live lives of integrity, honesty, and holiness while being open and transparent with one another.