Why do we give?

We believe in honoring God with everything that we are and everything that we have. That ultimately, everything was given to us by God, for God. Setting aside a portion of our income to give to our local church makes a statement to God, the church and the people around us about the place God holds in our heart and our belonging to that body of believers. (Matthew 6:21)

What do we give? 

The Old Testament set the standard at 10% or tithe (Malachi 3:10). The New Testament sets the standard at generosity (1 Timothy 6:18). So we encourage people to do their best to start at 10% and also aim for relative generosity. We encourage you to pray about it, and ask God what He would have you give (James 1:5).

How do we give?

We give intentionally, systematically and cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7). That means that we pray about it and decide in advance how much we are going to set aside. Then, we plan our finances accordingly and give it not because anyone made us or because we are trying to earn grace, but in response to that grace we were given as an act of worship.

You can give in service through the offering, drop your gift in a giving box located around the church, give through our App or use our online giving page to tithe, as well as contribute to specific ministries and pay for events.

Online Recurring Giving

One of the benefits to online giving is that you can set up your gift as a recurring one, meaning that each month the same amount will be given automatically without you needing to worry about giving during service or remembering to give if you travel out of town over the weekend.